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Josh Cysyk

Meet Josh

I am running for a seat on the Derry Township School District Board of Directors. My priorities include:

  • Providing teachers and administrators with the necessary resources to maintain a high level of academic excellence
  • Creating an inclusive environment that respects the dignity and individuality of all students, families, teachers, staff and community members
  • Developing students’ interests by integrating arts, music, STEM, sports  and other extracurricular activities into their educational experience

My wife and I are long-time Hershey residents with three children enrolled in Derry Township area schools. Through our involvement in school activities, we appreciate the variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities offered to students at Hershey. I am committed to maintaining this level of excellence.

As an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Penn State College of Medicine, I greatly value education. My love of learning inspired me to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Penn State, a Master’s Degree in Engineering from MIT, and a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Through community service, I have met and worked with many Derry Township residents. I volunteer at an animal shelter, coach rec-level soccer, and serve as a scout leader. Also, I mentor students who receive school-approved research positions in my laboratory. If elected to the school board, I will continue to prioritize the needs of our community and remain actively engaged.

I believe my experience, my enthusiasm, and my ability to work well with other people will benefit the needs of our school district. I hope to earn your vote in the primary election on Tuesday, May 16. 


Lindsay Drew

"At the end of my life, I want to be able to say I contributed more than I criticized."

- Brené Brown

Meet Lindsay

I’ve been a School Board Director since December 2017 and am seeking re-election for a 2-year seat to complete two full terms, after being elected to a 2-year and 4-year term previously.

As a board member, I’ve demonstrated commitment to service, missing only one meeting in 5.5 years, serving as President, VP, Treasurer and a member or Chair of nearly all standing Board committees. 

With six of nine seats on the ballot this year, I’m confident my experience provides continuity during a time of transition. My keen understanding of district finances, operations, and policy will be an asset the next two years with logistical and financial planning for a new elementary building, budgeting, and renewal of collective bargaining agreements. 

I pride myself on being well informed, prepared, and thoughtful in deliberation on board matters, and strive to be fiscally responsible, transparent, and an advocate for effective communication and accountability to our community of students, staff,  parents, and taxpayers.

My greatest joy is being the proud mom of a 7th grader at Hershey Middle School who is active in music, theatre, and baseball. I’m self-employed, an HHS graduate, have over 15 years of proven leadership and volunteer service, and am the founder of The Jessica Drew Sunshine Memorial Fund, Inc., in memory of my late sister, providing scholarships to HHS seniors and support to local organizations. 

I’m passionate about ensuring DTSD continues to shine as a model for public education and is a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment where all children have what they need to succeed academically and in preparation to become global citizens.

I’d be honored to once again have the support of all Derry Township voters on May 16th.


Stewart McCarver

Meet Stewart

My entire adult life has been characterized by service. Now that I am retired from the military I want to continue to give back to the community.

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, graduated from Cumberland Valley, and after graduating from West Point in 1990 I spent 26 years in the Army. My journey as a physician began at Penn State College of Medicine on an Army scholarship, spending the next 19 years as an Army physician. After serving in military hospitals around the world including deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan I retired in 2020. 

My wife and I have lived in 22 houses during our 33 year marriage, generally moving every two years with each job promotion. But we have spent the most amount of time in Hershey which we consider home. Our three adult children all attended Derry Township schools during our time in Hershey. When I retired from the Army in 2020 Jill and I decided to move back to Hershey.

The pandemic consumed a lot of my time since we moved to Hershey but now that it is winding down I have been looking for another way to serve. I am excited to serve my community on the  Derry Township School Board. My decades of experience in a variety of locations, being involved in many different school districts with my own children and working as an Army officer and physician will help me foster a strong partnership between the schools, families and community of Derry Township.

Primary voting is on 16 May. Please come out and support me and other candidates who have high expectations for our students and are dedicated to a two way relationship between the community and the school district.


Jennifer Renz

Meet Jennifer

Hello, I'm Jennifer Renz and I'm running to be a Director on the Derry Township School Board.  I have a vested interest in the future of our District because my 5th grade twins and ninth grade son have been attending Derry Township Schools since kindergarten.  Any vote that would come before me will affect my own children as well as yours. 

     I have been attending DTSD School Board meetings for years and have great respect for Dr. Winslow's team and its continued pursuit of upholding the standards of excellence we have all come to expect from Derry Township Schools. 

     I'm humbled to live in a community that is a sought after place to raise children largely because of the reputation of our nationally ranked public school system. I'm ready to accept the responsibility of ensuring the future success of our community by supporting our teachers, administration and support staff.  My family values community service. We have spent many years as a Scouting family. We are also honored to participate in our favorite event of the year, the Cocoa Packs Presents toy drive. My husband and I have been teaching our children from a young age that spreading joy and respecting our neighbors are an important part of our family values.

     This upcoming municipal election could be a consequential turning point in the direction of Derry Township School District. With 6 of 9 seats up for grabs, your vote will make a difference whether or not our schools embrace the future or take steps back.  I want the best opportunities for all of our children in Derry Township; after all, it's a publicly funded institution charged with providing an excellent education for all students. I would be honored to have your vote on May 16. I will fight for all of our children. 


Honesta Romberger

Meet Honesta

I view the opportunity to serve on the Derry Township School Board as a way to give back to public education - an institution that invested so much in me.

Growing up on my family’s farm, I learned to work diligently, problem solve and focus under pressure. There, I also learned the importance of community and the understanding that all
things that grow must be nurtured. With this foundation, I flourished in the classroom, taking full advantage of public education to broaden my horizons.

A Penn State graduate, I began my nonprofit career at The Food Trust, an organization committed to healthy, affordable food access for all communities. Currently, I work for the
Farmers Market Coalition, a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting farmers markets and family farmers.
My nonprofit experience - including planning, policy, budgeting, fundraising, communication, advocacy, and collaboration - would translate well, if elected.

A proud mother of a first grader at Hershey Elementary and a preschooler, I would also provide the perspective of a parent personally invested in the success of the school district.
My husband Patrick and I both enjoy being active members of the Hershey community; Patrick serves on the Hershey Little League Board and is a coach, while I volunteer as Room Parent for my first grader’s class.

I believe education is a lifelong pursuit and much of what inspires our curiosity to learn is sparked in our earliest years. I want students and teachers to have the support they need to thrive, and meet the high standard of education Derry Township residents take pride in and want for all our children.

I hope to earn your vote in the primary election on Tuesday, May 16.


Tracey Royo

Meet Tracey

My name is Tracey Royo, and I am running for a seat on the Derry Township School District Board of Directors.  I will advocate for all students, support and collaborate with teachers and administrators, and make decisions that best serve the needs of the district.  I believe that my experience as an educator for over a decade in both public and private institutions throughout Pennsylvania would make me a positive asset to the Board and the community.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and History from Boston College and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Scranton.  I began my career at Tunkhannock Area High School teaching Latin and Social Studies.  I served on various school committees and worked very closely with students and the community on service projects as the advisor of the Tunkhannock Interact Club, sponsored by the local Rotary.

I continued my career at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School as the founding Latin teacher, where I developed the curriculum for and taught Latin I to all 9th graders.  I worked with local businesses to support Cristo Rey’s innovative work study model to provide a college preparatory education to our students.  I partnered with other teachers, staff, and organizations to establish several student enrichment and extracurricular programs.  Notably, I served as a running leader in Students Run Philly Style, mentored students in the McNamee Scholars Program, and played an integral role in developing the Cristo Rey Mentorship Program, emphasizing the importance of overall health in student success.

As the parent of a preschooler and second grader at Hershey Elementary School, I am actively engaged and invested in our schools.  I regularly volunteer at an area preschool, participate at Derry Township PTO events, and serve as a citizen advisor on the DTSD Curriculum Council.  I also enjoy spending time outdoors, especially at the Hershey Community Garden, on a local trail, or at my children’s sporting events.  I would be very grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Derry Township School Board and would appreciate your vote on May 16th.